Some Fabulous Leos - Raising Awareness & Funds for Charity Since 2002
Our Objective 
To find & support local grassroots organizations that do not have the audience or big donors for whatever reason that do so much for our community to raise funds & awareness. We've accomplished that with so many of our past beneficiaries.

In 2016, our 14th Annual, we discovered two organizations that support 
the 'L' & the 'T' in the LGBT.

EIN 47-3841182, was established – with a focus on providing assistance to those in the Lesbian community experiencing a financial crisis or who are in need of additional emergency assistance.

Raina Chessman Fund

Is a fund that the Raina Chessman Committee (under Transgender Community Coalition, EIN 47-3841182), created to to help Transgender and Intersex people within the Coachella Valley when they have emergency assistance needs (preventing homelessness, electric bill / utilities cut-off, etc).

SafeHouse of the Desert
11th, 12th & 13th 
Annual Awareness & Fundraisers
SafeHouse of the Desert, with Community Support, provides Emergency Shelter, Intervention and Outreach Services to Youth in Crisis. A Desert Oasis Where Youth Won’t Feel Deserted!
Regardless of the situation – family troubles, addiction, despair, depression, bullying – we open our doors to youth at SafeHouse of the Desert. It’s a cool place from the heat, and from the “heat of life,” where youth find other teens just like themselves…trying to get hooked on a positive way of being in the world.

The Pinnacle Fund
10th Annual Awareness & Fundraiser

The Pinnacle Fund:  26-1265520 Along with Safe House of the Desert, The Pinnacle Fund: The Foundation for Palm Springs Unified School District, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation where their focus is on Putting Arts and Technology Back in the Classroom. 

Golden Rainbow Center
8th & 9th Annual Awareness & Fundraisers

Golden Rainbow Center is now located in a different location. 

Mission: Our goal is to provide outreach services to the senior LGBT community in the Coachella Valley. The Center provides social and recreational opportunities as well as referral services and programs to assist seniors in maintaining independence and self-sufficiency.  We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with our primary objective being to network and interact with the greater LGBT and senior communities in the area and provide a space that is welcoming, safe and active. We encourage you to stop by the Golden Rainbow and see our facility!

9th Annual Awareness & Fundraiser

Since our late co-founder and mentor passed away last December 10, 2015, the local chapter is no longer in Palm Springs. Equality California or EQCA is a non-profit civil rights organization that advocates for the rights of LGBT people in California. It is the largest statewide LGBT organization in the United States and the largest member of the Equality Federation.

4th Annual Awareness & Fundraiser


Desert Pride Center
Our 1st,2nd, 3rd, 5th, & 7th 
Annual Awareness & Fundraisers

Desert Pride Center. Before the inception of The Center there was Desert Pride Center.  The mission was creating a vibrant Community by Enhancing the Lives of LGBT people & LGBT Seniors.