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SFL Presents Coats For Kids Happy Hour
& Coat Drive 
We reached our goal of 100 Coats/jackets/sweaters!
Thank you!
Thanks to everyone in attendance for SFL Presents: Coats for Kids Happy Hour & Coat Drive! It was a Fabulous Event! So far we've collected over 70 coats/jackets/sweater jackets! $180 on line donations at $20 a coat! I still have a few bags to go through and some to pick up. I'm sure we may have gone over our goal of 100!!!

Thanks to you all for your generosity. Some of you included kids clothes! Those will be distributed to some families surrounding the Coachella Valley.

Thank you to The Congo Room. Annamarie Morae & staff! Our event partners Raymond Cree Middle School GSA and staff! To my Co-Host the fabulous (Brian Wanzek) Bella da Ball! To Solonge Signoret for her fabulous vocal abilities! To Boo Boo Calhoon(Joel Ivins) for the music, my hubby Paul Lopez-Cochran for all behind the scenes work.

Thank you Silvia Signoret for all of your work! Thanks to our supporters, Charles ConnSondra Pauly, Carol Kamenis, Franchesca Sussett TapiaRay Chance & Roland MaynezMeg Bane & Kevin Bane, Rudy Muñoz & Zulema MunozJeremy Johnson & Chris Zander. Thank you John Cates, Thomi Clinton & Shann Carr for your monetary donations. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for giving warmth this Holiday Season!


Coats for kids

Coats for Kids