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It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience (14 years) of fundraising to work for you or your charity. We are also currently accepting applications for board members. Can you accept the challenge? Contact us on the "Contact Us" tab to the left.

SFL Presents Chair Antonio Lopez-Cochran
Antonio attended St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas and is the first and only member of his family to attend college. He was an active member of multiple campaigns for marriage equality, city council and mayoral races. He was a columnist, a roving reporter, and photographer for LIVE Magazine. In 1996 Antonio opened a small floral design company and is now the co-owner of Cakies Productions providing film, photography, lighting and sound for local and international companies and individuals. In 2002, along with George Zander and Paul Cochran, Antonio’s husband, he co-founded SOME FABULOUS LEOS to raise funds for needed local grassroots organizations and charities. He is an active committee member for the Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil as well as chairperson for the Raina Chessman Committee to help Transgender people in need of assistance with homelessness and other critical life situations. He remains active in many other human rights and political advocacy movements within our local community. Antonio has also emceed or co-emceed many charitable events including SFL Presents fundraisers since 2002. He fulfilled one of his item on his bucket list in 2014 when he performed on stage for the first time as a comedian! He's appeared on video with his sock puppets, She-Needa Quit & Nori Roll for a fundraiser past and has performed on stage as a back up dancer or props for some local drag personalities.

SFL Presents Co-Chair 
Paul Lopez-Cochran
Besides playing Batman on occasion, Paul is co-owner of Cakies Productions, along with his husband, Antonio Lopez-Cochran. The production company has supported local charities such as the LGBT Center and Transgender Community Coalition. Currently, Paul and Antonio are working on a documentary on the life of activist George Zander. In 2002, along with George Zander and Antonio Lopez-Cochran, Paul helped found SOME FABULOUS LEOS which supports and continues to support several local charities such, as but not limited to:  Desert Aids Project, AIDS Assistance Program, Guide Dogs of the Desert, PFLAG, the LGBT Center, the Pinnacle Fund, Equality California, Transgender Community Coalition, the L-Fund and the Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil. Paul serves as the secretary for the Raina Chessman Committee and has put his efforts into many different aspects of social justice and advocacy for grassroots organizations. He believes in equality for all.

Super Donor & Volunteer
Sondra Pauly

Super Friend & Volunteer
Angel Lee

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Bella da Ball

Super Friend & Volunteer
Roger Bryan Kerr